The Crescent Chronicles is a Gesamtkunstwerk of enormous breadth, ambition and style, so... yeah, it'll my life's work. 
    It currently includes painting, drawing, printed books, and webcomics and will branch out into all media at points to come in the future. 
    This story is unabashedly romantic and kisses the cheek of cringe, like cinnamon vodka on a lover's breath with Ennio Morricone playing in the background.
    The narrative itself begins as Crescent-a-Corell, our designated protagonist, finds himself upon a planet not his own and makes his way to Borantium. 
    This, dear readers, is the land of my dreams, where Ancient Greece meets Feudal Japan, on the fated planet of Urs...the planet of my dreams, with entire seasons of twilight red skies and nine moons as the concubines of the sky.
    Is Crescent the prophesied unifier, as many believe? Or is he a demon? He is the man who fell to earth after all... and in what condition will the universe be, after the wake of cross-reality breeding that is; The Crescent Chronicles...?!